Sarkar 3 Preview!

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amitabh-bachchan-in-sarkaar-3Amitabh Bachchan is once again putting on the mantle of Sarkar and we can’t wait! We can know reveal that Ram Gopal Varma’s most anticipated franchise Sarkaar 3 will be releasing on 17th March 2017.

About the film Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “My vision for SARKAR 3
When I made my first SARKAR, the principal motivation for me was to create a character more powerful than Mr.Bachchan ever performed. Sarkar is not just about the physical aspects of power, but It is also about an ultra quiet intensity in how he demonstrates it.

I frankly can imagine GODFATHER without a BRANDO but I believe that Amitabh Bachchan is the only actor who possesses the kind of magnetism and charisma to make a character like Sarkar come alive. The mythological mystique, the physical audacity, the grace, and above all the anger he possesses is what has always inspired me about him and I truly believe that anger has been missing in all his films in the last decade which I want to bring back in Sarkar 3.

By overlooking the fact that Sarkar was Sarkar because of Sarkar, a mistake I made in Sarkar Raj was downplaying his character in comparison to Abhishek’s character Shanker and by killing Shanker’s character I killed his power too.

Though Sarkar and Sarkar Raj were, Sarkar 3 is not intended to be merely a family or a social issue film. The script enlarges the scope and deepen the meaning of Sarkar. The canvas of Sarkar 3 will be very big because its universe will not be limited to just the travails and tribulations of a family with some disturbances from outside.

The scale and the negative forces in the earlier two films will pale in comparison to those of Sarkar 3 and that will of course call for Sarkar to deal with them in a much more ruthless premeditation and in the process showcase an ultra savage side of his nature lurkingly hidden beneath his charming front.

My vision for Sarkar 3 is that I want to look at power and its attraction as the primary basis for human conflicts. While the plot outwardly deals with multifaceted crisises in the Sarkar tradition, this time there will be much larger dramatic events and even larger than life characters set against a backdrop of one-upmanships, criminal business practices and terrifying conspiracies.”

– Ram Gopal Varma

Talking about his performance in the film RGV has called Mr. Bachchan the sarkar of acting!

The director has shared some sneak peeks from the set and character info on Twitter! Check them out

Also seen in the film are
Bajrangi Singh plays Deven Gandhi, one of the main antagonists of the film.

Parag Tyagi plays the role of Raman Guru who works for Sarkar, a deaf mute and a dangerous guy.sarkar32

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