Sarkar Writer Makes Film on 26/11

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Post his success with Sarkar and critical acclaimed received for The Stoneman Murders, Manish Gupta’s next film will be based on the 26/11 heinous attacks and Ajmal Kasab. While the film is facing some budget issues, it is scheduled to hit the floors any day and the cast is yet to be finalized.

The writer promises a film filled with “credible proof” and most of his script is based on factual evidence he has accumulated from a reputed crime reporter as well as the 40-page court document and from local journalists who have attended the court hearings. “The script of the film is ready and is backed by credible proof. I know how sensitive the topic is and thus I have ensured that Kasab is not glamorized or sympathized with in my film,” clarifies the writer-director

The reason for making the film was simple, “Nobody really knows why 26/11 happened. Only a certain section of the press knows the real story. 26/11 was Pakistan’s way of diverting US’s attention from Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban, terrorist groups which operate from Pak-Afghanistan border. It shows how youngsters for livelihood enroll themselves in Lashkar, get trained, are brainwashed and then become a full fledged terrorists. What exactly happened on 26/11 night will also be shown in the film. My film is through Kasab’s eyes.”

As a clarification, Gupta’s stand on Kasab and his sentencing is clear, “I want Kasab to get a life sentence instead of a death penalty as he should be tortured every day of his life and be made a living example of shame so that every budding terrorist knows his fate.”

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