Sayali Bhagat – Life Imitating Art

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Rising star Sayali Bhagat who appeared in The Train and Halla Bol is now shooting Newtonin Moonram Vidhi in Kollywood. “Sayali, has come up with a strong performance. She combines glamour and elegant acting in the necessary portions. It has been a joy working with her,” said the director.

Former Miss India Sayali appears to be currently dating Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik. This might create a little local difficulty as Shoaib is said to have a bride waiting for him back home. Director Wilson Louis has also suggested that Shoaib might make his movie debut in a film opposite Sayali about an international cricketer who falls in love with a beauty queen — so perhaps all they’re doing is rehearsing the script at the moment. When asked about his participation in such a movie, Shoaib replied, “I would like to do a good Hindi film. Besides, Wilson is talented and yes it excites me to do a love story with Sayali.” Sayali is currently working with Wilson on the movie Shout.

Wilson describes the movie thus: “Right now, I am in the process of finalizing my script after which we will take care of other things. Sayali will play a beauty pageant winner in the film, which is a love story. It’s a story about a couple who till the very end do not know if they love each other or not. I can promise that the climax of the film is very unique.” When asked about her relationship with Shoaib, Sayali still says, “I am extremely close to Shoaib, but it is too early to talk about love and relationships.”

Sayali’s next release, possibly for Diwali, is Blade Babji opposite Allari Naresh. “We are confident that the film would be the biggest hit in Allari Naresh’s career so far,” says the director.

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