Scene by Scene: Emotional confrontation in ‘Ankahee’

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This time around, we take a scene from a rather recent film that didn’t quite set the box office on fire. Still, it is filled with many intimate moments. The scene in question is probably the best of Amisha Patel’s career and it is from the film Ankahee. Apparently, her performance shocked the entire crew so much that while it was being filmed director Vikram Bhatt forgot to say cut!

THE SCENE: Nandita (Amisha Patel) visits the apartment of Miss World, the supermodel and the movie star Kavya Krishna (Esha Deol). She comes to confront Kavya about the scandalous affair that Nandita’s husband, Shekhar, has been having with Kavya. Nandita begs Kavya to stop seeing her husband because she wants her husband back; to have her family back. Nandita is almost breaking down because her world, that she has spent seven years building, is being destroyed by Kavya’s relationship with her husband. Kavya locks the doors to her room because she does not have the courage to face her but Nandita continues to speak. Nandita tells Kavya that she is simply a housewife who tries to give her family happiness, while surrendering to her husband, who found it so easy to walk out of their relationship. Kavya is deeply affected and the scene ends with her swallowing a bunch of sleeping pills as Nandita leaves the apartment and sees none of this behind the closed door.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL: Though the movie itself wasn’t flawless, this scene in particular was portrayed perfectly. It has to be Amisha Patel’s best emotional scene till date as she is very expressive and emotes with utmost ease. At the same time, it marks Esha Deol’s finest performance ever.

Though it does bear resemblance to Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth, Vikram Bhatt managed to make a very emotional film. While watching this scene people were sobbing in the theater. Esha Deol, who doesn’t get too many meaty roles, finally made her presence felt this time around. Also, Amisha Patel, made an impact on the audiences after a long time with a strong performance. Through this scene, she managed to evoke sympathy for her character.

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