Sex and the City Comes to Bollywood

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Many publications have gone ahead to recast Sex and the City with some of our favorite Bollywood stars and so how could we be left behind? As the film’s second installment is on the brink of release, we decided to give our readers, our take on the cast if SATC were to be made in Bollywood. What would change? Nothing really. There would still be sex galore but the city would definitely shift to a more metropolitan place in India; Mumbai taking the cake if we had to choose. Alright enough of the nitty-gritty; we bring you martinis, Jimmy Choos and of course, sex – Bollywood style of course.

Carrie Bradshaw: Who else could play the smart-yet-confused, shoe fanatic and stylish writer, but our very own Preity Zinta. Besides the uncanny resemblance that both ladies manage to share, she seems to be the only actress who could pull off managing to run through a number of men and yet stay optimistic that “he” does actually still exist. In reality, Zinta is considered one of the most fashion savvy actresses in Bollywood, which works as her American counterpart Sarah Jessica Parker is known for the same reasons. We’re convinced Zinta would rock as the sassy columnist.

Samantha Jones: Our first and only thought to play the sexy, confident, tough yet sometimes sweet Samantha would be Bipasha Basu. Bips has the sexy, she can play confident, we can see her as tough and we have seen her vulnerable side too. There is no one else that would do this fabulous character justice!

Charlotte York: For the very sophisticated and sensitive art-admirer, it had to be Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who would fit the shoes, literally and figuratively, of Charlotte York. It is Charlotte who is often seen as the weepy, looking for love friend. Check and check for Ash who would cry and how, while still play the eternal optimistic, always looking and believing in love. We can almost imagine Ash walking down the streets of Mumbai looking pretty and proper.

Miranda Hobbes: Miranda was a bit harder to cast, we bandied about many names, but finally came up with Priyanka Chopra in her short hair avatar ala Alisha in Pyaar Impossible. We saw shades of Miranda in Alisha but she was a bit to flighty, Miranda is much cooler. This is definitely not an avatar we have seen Chopra portray before and we think she has the acting chops to pull it off. Not only can she do the hard driven Miranda but the melting when she falls in love with Steve and has her son, Priyanka would be perfect.

And we went a step further as we also cast the men who have been a part of the ladies lives for as long as Sex in the City has been alive.

Mr. Big: He is smooth, debonair, rich, a bit wicked, a bit cocky and also a bit of a ladies’ man. We could only be talking Mr. Big aka John James Preston and his Hindi counterpart has to be Akshay Kumar. Can’t you see him romancing, teasing, and flirting with Preity aka Carrie. Picture: Akshay comes to pick up Preity with a bottle of champagne chilling in the stretch limo; they go out to a fabulous dinner at the intimate but popular restaurant – all the while engaging in the typical Sex in The City banter. In the end…she walks into her fabulous Mumbai apartment as he watches from that fabulous limo. Well, this is Bollywood; A perfect scene and perfect casting.

Steve Brady: Since we saw shades of Miranda in Priyanka’s Alisha our minds went to her counterpart in the film Abhay played by Uday Chopra. But it’s not just the geek factor that made us decide on Uday for Steve. It was also the moments of sensitivity, caring and stable-ness that are in both characters. Those characteristics are the perfect foil for Miranda – Steve balances out Miranda. Uday proved he could play this type before and we are sure he would improve on it and make it work for SATC Hindi style.

Aidan Shaw: He was the cutie that audiences everywhere believed would marry and be Carrie’s knight in shining armor. But that was not meant to be and for him we zeroed in on Abhay Deol. The suave and yet charming actor would work perfectly as the rugged and loving Aidan who would have ladies all over swooning over him. In fact, the Abhay-Preity combination would work like a charm we believe. Why is it they haven’t been cast together before?

Harry Goldenblatt: Harry is goofy and honest, funny and silly. Could you imagine anyone else but Arshad Warsi enacting the Jewish schmuck? Neither could we. We have in fact, given the character of Harry additional trait; our Arshad can dance and how. Arshad would work perfectly as he would swoon over Charlotte, or in our case Aishwarya Rai. Yet again, another couple that hasn’t been tried again.

Now this is one television show and two movies we would love to see remade in India. We are sure with our casting and add in some Bollyflair and it would be a blockbuster hit! Who do you think should play these iconic characters – post a comment to let us know! Since our work here is done, we are off to enjoy some shopping, a few drinks and of course some girl talk ala Sex And the City!

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