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After watching Raaz and 1920 one starts wondering whether the horror genre is getting luckier for Vikram Bhatt and that this genre might just get his career back on track. His newest film of the terrifying genre is Shaapit.

The plot line of Shaapit is very similar to what the rest of the Bollywood horror flicks have had in store. The current generation pays the price for the crimes committed in the past by the forefathers. Our chocolate boy Aman (Aditya Narayan) falls in love with Kaaya (Shweta Agrawal) and proposes to her at a party in the very first reel. (Thankfully the usual tidbits of how, when and where are covered within the song without agonizing the viewer too much). Considering it’s a horror flick, they get the shock of the life when they see an evil spirit (Say thanks to Reliance Media/Big Cinema for the Graphics) and their car goes into the turtle mode.

Back in the hospital Kaaya’s parents explain to Aman and Kaaya that they cannot get married because they are under a 300 year curse made by a Brahim, which does not allow their daughters to get married. That takes you to the backdrop which is straight from some Mythological B grade movie shot during 80’s.

As usual the hero after doing the “roona dhona” on the staircases and rooms decides not to accept the current situation and goes ahead to find the solution to the curse and of course with the help of his best buddy. Not surprising either they land up at Dr.Pashupathi’s (Rahul Dev) place. To impress the doc and get him to help them out, our hero goes on to do a task, which one can only assume was added by the director hoping that it might attract the MTV Roadies Viewers to watch this movie.

Dr. Pashupathi believes the curse is attached to the evil Spirit and to get rid of the curse you shall have to kill the spirit first. Off they go in search of said Spirit. In figuring which spirit the curse is attached too, they even get in the mode of current IPL Cricket season and uses kookaburra cricket balls to get the spirits.

The movie has few of its own chilling moments but the sets which are straight from 1920 and a Ramasy Brother’s movie doesn’t goes down well plus the experimentation with the graphics doesn’t help either. But the biggest let down is the story within the story about the step-wife who wants to dethrone the king and rule herself, but when the plans fail using her Black Magic she gets her spirit attached to the curse. The director assumes everyone to be intelligent and figure this out without any sort of explanation being given. Add to it the background music and songs only help the viewers for the much needed pop corn and restrooms breaks.

If you are wondering how were the performances, I think Aditya Narayan should stick to singing as he might be more successful in that. But if Himesh Sir and Sonu Sir (If you have forgotten Jaani Dushman and Love in Nepal) can act why not me! Well boy, they have their primary career still intact with them and I hope you certainly consider singing as your backup plan. Shweta does not impress much and doesn’t have anything to show in the second half. Rahul Dev is wasted with salt and pepper hair color and no action sequences.

Overall, this is certainly not going to be a Hat trick for Vikram Bhatt and it’s time RGV and him get out of horror genre and try something else as this is its getting repetitive.

Our Rating

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