Shah Rukh the early bird!

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Shah Rukh Khan has taken up a challenge of sorts: to be the best at arriving early on set. Who and what made this interesting challenge, you may ask. Shah Rukh himself. The director of Billo Barber, Priyadarshan was just chatting with SRK one day and mentioned several actors who would arrive early on set. SRK saw that as a challenge and not one to back down from a challenge made it his goal to arrive early for the next shoot.

Priyadarshan said, “I was casually telling SRK that Akshay, Govinda and Salman always come earlier than the scheduled reporting time to the sets. At times they are on the sets even before me. That’s when SRK took up the challenge of reaching the sets earlier than me.”

As they say the early bird catches the worm so instead of arriving at his normal time of 9 am SRK passed the director to arrive first. “I was on my way to the location when I saw Shah Rukh’s car speed past mine. He reported to the sets before 7 am,” Priyadarshan added.

Billo Barber also stars Irrfan Khan, Laura Dutta and Om Puri.

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