Shahana Goswami ‘rocks on’ with her next release

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Shahana Goswami is pleased to be getting a big role opposite Randeep Hooda in Ru-Ba-Ru. “Although I have been noticed in whatever I did before — such as my debut in Naseeruddin Shah’s Yun Hota To Kya Hota and in Honeymoon Travel’s Pvt Ltd, they were very small roles.”

Shahana is also currently appearing in the big hit Rock On!!, where she pulls off a very difficult role, and is one of the three leads in Nandita Das’ directorial debut, Firaaq. “When I made my debut in Bollywood, I didn’t come with sky high expectations,” she says, “The only goals that I set myself were that whatever I do, I should do it with conviction. I wanted to do a variety of work and not be typecast.”

How did Shahana feel about the whopping TEN intimate kissing scenes with Randeep in the new movie? “A kiss is an eternal sign of romance and love. We had to get the intimacy and chemistry right. It was a part of my job and Randeep is a thorough professional,” she explains coyly.

Shahana is clearly a very deep person and says her favourite movie is Lars Von Triers’ extraordinarily intimate Breaking The Waves. She also says her favourite actor is Johnny Depp because he is so silent and subdued in real life and she’s intrigued by what makes him so.

Shahana has been patient in the early days of her career but with her undoubted talent and sincerity, now seems to be the right time for her to start taking the lead.

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