Shahid and Vidya: Just Friends

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Usually when Bollywood stars say they are just “good friends”, it means they are not quite ready to share their romance with the world. However in the case of Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor, despite all the rumors, they do mean just friends. So now, the only place we can look for love between the two fabulous stars will be in their new film Kismet Konnection.

Shahid said, “Vidya is my co-star and we are good friends. But this isn’t your Bollywood kind of good friend. I mean, she’s a nice girl, a fantastic co-star and one of the many friends I have. Incidentally, Sania Mirza is also a friend and we meet, but there’s no romance. I guess I’m an easy target because I’m single.”

About that lunch that got the rumor mill going about a hook up between him and Vidya, Shahid explained, ” We had just gone out for lunch. I go with other friends too.”

Shahid is ecstatic with how his career is going and he is looking forward to working in all the movies he has in the pipeline, “At 27, filmmakers like Vishal Bharadwaj, Yash Chopra, Ken Ghosh, and my dad Pankaj Kapoor are making films with me in the lead, I cannot ask for more.”

Vidya also confirms they are just good friends, “I’m scared of saying anything. We worked together for 60 days in Toronto and I’m fond of Shahid, but he’s just as a friend.”

Lately it has been mentioned that there are similarities between the Shahid-Vidya jodi and another great filmi couple Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chalwa. About this Vidya commented, “I, too, would like to have an onscreen pairing with Shahid like Juhi had with Shah Rukh, and hopefully people will say the same thing about us a few years down the line.” Incidentally, Juhi has a special appearance as a gypsy in Kismet Konnection.

So who is Shahid’s soulmate now? Well, it is his dog Keizo. “Soul mates need not be only about lovers. I feel a strong connection with my dog. He is my soul mate. He knows what saddens me and what makes me smile. He doesn’t disturb me when I need my space, but he is there. He even puts me to sleep.” Sweet!

See the connection on screen between Vidya and Shahid when Kismat Konnection comes to theaters on July 18th!

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