Shahid’s new look for ‘Kaminay’

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Like Saif, Vivek and Hrithik, Shahid Kapoor is taking his acting to the next level and is not only learning his lines for his part, he is also changing how he looks to really get into and become his character.

Kaminay, directed by the amazing Vishal Bharadwaj will have Shahid in a never before seen avatar. In fact Shahid says, “Expect the unexpected in that one.” Part of the look requires him to loose weight. “I think I have looked the best in Kismat Konnection but my role in Kaminay expects me to look thinner.” Shahid has also been growing a beard for the film that reportedly has him playing two characters.

Shahid revealed what he does to keep in such great shape. “I work out for 5-6 times a week. I am a vegetarian and am on a fixed diet. I eat every three hours and eat food with no oil, no sugar. I believe to have a good body one doesn’t have a choice but to exercise. I have no favourite exercises as such, I just follow my trainer. I don’t have a gym at home but that doesn’t stop me from working out often. Also it’s not about which equipments you use to work out. It’s all about how much you can make your muscles work! I am happy to have a body that normally veggies find difficult to achieve!”

About who he thinks has the best body in Bollywood Shahid replied, “Salman and Deepika Padukone are the fittest.”

Getting back to Kaminay, Shahid recently said in a chat with fans, “Honestly its too early to talk about it ….all i can say is that its going to be something very different from what you have seen of me and i hope that you like it.” Adding, when asked about Vishal as a director, “I think Vishal is a fantastic director and what we are doing is something I am very excited about.”

We will keep you up to date on all the Kaminay and Shahid news so watch this space for more!

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