Shahrukh Khan is The Man in The Moon

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Next time, it’s the full moon, you can sit in your car with your loved one, look up and say, depending on where you live, “Hey Babe, there’s SRK” or “Good Grief, darling – I do believe that’s jolly old Sharukh Khan!” And there he’ll be staring down at you from the Sea of Tranquillity – that’s the big flat spot, slightly right of centre on the horizontal.

The International Lunar Geographical Society has named a crater after the Bollywood hero – Crater SR Khan – and it’s just been approved by the International Astronomical Union. It’s one of the Arago craters. “The crater has been given the honorary designation as the Crater S R Khan on the occasion of Mr Khan’s 44th birthday,” said a spokesman for the ILGS.

Pradeep Mohandas of the Indian Moon Society favours the decision. “I think it is not a bad idea since it reflects the thinking of the new generation of young Indians,” he argues, “I do see a rationale behind this decision. He is a kind of ambassador for India and this reflects the way India views him.” SRK joins the ranks of many other notables such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Sir Isaac Newton and Jules Verne in having craters named after them.

SRK owns several acres of property on the Moon – an acre currently costs about

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