Shaurya Chauhan’s Bollywood Rise

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Shaurya Chauhan is used to fame as a catwalk model for some of the most famous of designers – but now her fame is being augmented by her Bollywood roles in movies such as Mumbai Salsa and Horn Ok Please. How is she enjoying this new aspect to her career? “I have always wanted to be a star,” she says, “I have not done any course in acting or dancing, but my sixth sense told me that one day I would be a star. Besides, as I was in the modeling industry, there was no better option than Bollywood.”

Item numbers are always an issue with new starlets. Is this the case for Shaurya? “I love to do item numbers. In my upcoming film I am doing an item number with Mika. If required, I will do intimate scene also,” she confirms.

Shaurya recently had an unusual experience when she was approached to do a Tamil film with top-Tamil actress Arya as her co-star by a ‘director’ who turned out to be a con artist. “He was full of himself,” she says, “He said that Michelle, who is Hrithik Roshan’s hair-dresser, would style my hair in the film. He even claimed that Michelle is his ex-girlfriend. During the course of the conversation, he told me that he had lost his credit card and had no money.” Although he was initially very convincing, it was when he started pushing her for Rs 10,000 that Shaurya started smelling a rat. She gave him 70 to get rid of him and then he dashed off down the road. She reported the incident to the police.

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