Shazahn Padamsee to star with Ram Charan Te

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Shazahn Padamsee’s career is rocketing skywards. Fresh from her success in Rocket Singh, she has now signed up to star with man-of-the-moment in Tollywood, Ram Cheran Taj in his next blockbuster movie Orange. Genelia D’Souza will also star in the film which is a romantic comedy.

Shazahn, the daughter of pop star Sharon Prabhakar, speaks highly of her co-star in Rocket Singh, Ranbir Kapoor. “I have a lot of respect for Ranbir,” she confirms, “He has just turned twenty seven and it’s so good to see someone so young coming up so fast. When you meet him, he is so down to earth and it’s so nice for me because I come from a theatre background and suddenly getting thrown in films is a different game. He has no ego issues. He will be seen chatting with the spot boys, hugging people, giving hi-five’s, etc.”

Shazahn grew up amidst a theatre background and believes this has given her the grounding she needs to be a long-term success in Bollywood. “As a kid, I was a very shy person to what I am today,” she explains, “I wouldn’t even step out of my room when the rehearsals were going on. But because I helped back stage, I was very interested in theatre. Because of my back stage helping hand, I observed everything to do with acting. I learnt a lot. My father used to urge me to sit with the actors so that I learn the acting skills by observing.”

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