Shekar Kapur and A.R. Rahman join forces to launch Qyuki

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Eminent film director Shekar Kapur and world renowned music composer A.R. Rahman have together launched a social media platform which they have created titled Qyuki. The programme’s essential mission is to reveal the creative intelligence of Indians with the use of animation, short stories, music, photography and films. Apparently, famous creative figures such as film director Imtiaz Ali, as well as novelist Chetan Bhagat will be contributing to the programme by offering invaluable ideas and advice to budding artists via Qyuki.

Shekhar Kapur expressed his thoughts on Qyuki and why he chose to be a part of the project during a video conference with the media. “With Qyuki, we are creating a platform where it doesn’t matter where you come from, but what matters most in your creativity. It is a domain, where people can collaborate with like-minded people and showcase their creativity. Through this we will see new ‘Shekhar Kapurs’ and ‘A.R. Rahmans’ coming out of it.”

A.R. Rahman also told the Indian media that he hopes the programme will help Indians become more conscious about their instinctive talents. “There are platforms like YouTube where people create content and put it online, but what determines the quality? Qyuki is getting there. It will not only provide creative freedom, but also quality experience.”

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