Shilpa Shetty wants Children

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She’s been presenting Big Boss for the last month but her thoughts are firmly fixed on the future. Now 33, Shilpa Shetty is looking towards having a family of her own: “Definitely, and I’m sure I will. I intend to try and do that as soon as my professional life has calmed down. I have a man in my life and, yes, I hope we will get married.”

The man in her life is of course British businessman Raj Kundra. She says they hope to get married in about 18 months. It’s a long distance relationship as Shilpa still lives with her parents in Mumbai. “The best thing is when your partner loves you for who you are and you don’t feel you have to change for him,” she says. “That’s what I feel I have with Raj. It’s not always easy – Raj lives in London and I live in Mumbai, so it’s a long-distance relationship and we have to work at it. But it also means that we value each other more.”

What would Shilpa describe as a perfect day? “An ideal day is one where I’m not working and I don’t have anywhere to go,” she explains. “I’d do very little, sleep in till ten or so, and just hang out at home. Maybe go to a spa for a massage and then for a quiet dinner with Raj.”

Shilpa appears in the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace in a two-minute sequence. She is said to look electric in an item number with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan in Dostana, which she did as a favour for Karan Johar. She can also be seen playing the violin in Sonny Deol’s The Man.

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