Shilpa vs Jade again?

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As we reported there was a rumor that Jade Goody was going to appear on Big Boss 2 in India. That usually would not be big news except for the fact that Shilpa Shetty is hosting the show, so that makes it a big deal. You may remember that Jade was horrible to Shilpa, even making racial slurs and bullying her when they both were on the reality show Big Brother in England. Well, now it is no longer a rumor and in case you missed the first show we can report it is in fact true and the two have met again.

When Shilpa heard that Jade was going to be on Big Boss 2 too she was very shocked and told Subhash K Jha, “Why should someone want to go through this again? But then I was also happy to know she was coming to our country. This is an opportunity to show her true Indian hospitality and how warm and welcoming we are.”

Adding, “Never even in my wildest nightmare did I imagine that I would meet Jade Goody again! To top it, Jade had changed her appearance completely. During Big Brother, she had short black hair, but now she has long, blonde hair. I just could not recognise this scared, shaking woman as the same person who had taken me on for 10 days, hitting out at me and saying things like ‘Go back to your slums’. That had really hit home.”

Jade will be part of the 14 member “cast” who have to live together in a house for 84 days while being watch constantly on camera. Others in the house include Ketaki Dave, her husband Rasik, Zulfi Syed,Monica Bedi, Sweetie/Rakhi,Raja Chaudhry, Sanjay Nirupam, Rahul Mahajan, Ashutosh Kaushik, Payal Rohatgi, Elena Wadia, Sambhavna Seth and Debojit Saha.

About seeing and talking with Jade once again Shilpa said, “Believe me I had no malice towards Jade when I met her once again on Saturday. Our situation is completely different this time. While I am a free bird hosting the show, she is an inmate where she will have to stay with Indians who I fear might be hostile to her because of how she had misbehaved with me.”

However she had no need to fear, “To my relief, the innate Indian warmth and hospitality shone through and no one made Jade feel unwanted. I felt happy about that because I have forgiven Jade. And I quite sympathise with her. I don’t think she meant to insult our country and culture. But in trying to hit out at me, she ended up making statements that offended Indians and Asians all over the world. I don’t think Jade knew what she was starting.”

Shilpa said in closing, “When I came out of Big Brother, everyone’s perceptions of Indians had changed for the better. I hope Jade learns about the beauty of Indian culture. She has gone in as someone with misconceptions about our country. I hope she comes out enriched and enlightened about us Indians.”

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