Shilpa’s mobile number on web

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Privacy is one of the hardest things that any star has to maintain and they have to be very careful when they trust people with their personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. Sadly, recently one star’s mobile number was given out to hundreds of people. Shilpa Shetty’s mobile number is of course only known to a few key and close people but now a “fan” got a hold of it and it has been leaked out. Jeetu Sethi gave out the actress’s number to all his friends through a mass email. The email included a picture of the actress along with her mobile number and then was of course forwarded to others by those friends and now is spreading all over the internet.

Shilpa’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Shilpa is being harrowed with hundreds of calls and SMS’s from all kinds of people. Some want to date her, some want to just listen to her voice, some want to inquire if her musical ‘Miss Bollywood’ is doing fine and some call just to check if they are speaking to the real Shilpa Shetty.”

Adding, “Shilpa is in UK at the moment and extremely perturbed that her mobile number has suddenly fallen in the hands of hundreds of people. We have no clue how this person got hold of it, but such mischief is damaging and Shilpa is not the kind of person to take it lying down. We will be taking up the matter with the concerned authorities dealing with such white-collar offences.” Bhagwagar plans to file a complaint on Shilpa’s behalf to the Cyber Crime Department of the Crime Branch at Crawford Market in Mumbai today.

Shilpa is in the UK to finish out her tour with Miss Bollywood, the musical extravaganza that she and a fantastic cast have been performing in Germany and the UK. The show is being very well received and everyone who has seen it has applauded the show and her performance. “So much is the enthusiasm and frenzy that the producers are planning to squeeze in two extra shows than planned, for next week. At such a time of joy, this leak of her personal number is quite a dampener,” said Bhagwagar.

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