Shraddha did an ‘Aaou’dition

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The lead character of LKTE pretty much carries the story of the film. So when it came to the casting, we needed someone who was not just a good looker and dancer, but also someone who could act well. Considering the fact that whoever would be signed on to be the first lead of Y-Films would get into a contract for 3 films, it was a big thing. Naturally, it turned out to be a most grueling audition process spread over 7 days, 5 intense scenes including a massive breakdown, 3 dances, and more. But eventually, what got Shraddha Kapoor the part was more than her talent to act. Ashish Patil, the producer of LKTE is a big fan of Shakti Kapoor and he asked her to do an “AAOU” like her dad. Without a moment’s hesitation, Shraddha jumped and not only did that but also a “Crime-master go-go”, a “balmaaaaa”, a “Nandu sabka bandhu” and lots more. She basically captured the personality, the irreverence of the Y-Films brand and turned out to be someone with no inhibitions. We were sure that she would nail this role. And that’s how Shraddha Kapoor became Rhea Dialdas in Luv Ka The End.

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