Siblings Tusshar and Ekta in Verbal Spat!

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By now the audience has come to expect something pretty shocking/scandalous from each episode of Koffee with Karan. So while each segment of this chat show had the esteemed guests making some public revelations or accusations (which obviously didn’t go down well the people involved), the latest episode surprised many as Tusshar and sister Ekta Kapoor actually came close to having a serious fight.

While it’s not exactly a shocker that Ekta doesn’t think twice before speaking out her mind, the usually calm and quiet Tusshar got irked when Ekta started making snide comments about his supposed love Radhika Apte. All through the show she kept hinting that she didn’t approve of her brother’s choice in woman particularly his latest co-star in Shor in the City. When during the rapid fire round Karan asked Tusshar to rate a list of actresses, she said that one more name should have been added to the list. On a little coaxing she told about Radhika. Not only that, when Karan, now highly intrigued by what was going on, asked Ekta who was she, she replied, ‘Exactly! Who is she?’ Calling the female lead of her own movie as ‘beautiful but in a horsey way’, just showed how much she disapproved of the closeness between her brother and his co-star. Tusshar however did not take her words lying down stating that he didn’t need her approval for anything and that she shouldn’t interfere in his life.

Though finally it was Ekta who decided to end the topic stating that she was sure to get beaten up by him at home, the tension regarding this topic was pretty evident. We wonder what happened after the show!

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