Sisters Rule in Bollywood

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Hot on the news that Ayesha Takia is about to launch her sister in Bollywood, we learn that Vidya Balan’s sister Priyamani is about to launch her career with a role opposite Abhishek Bachchan in Raavana where she plays Abhi’s sister Shoorpankha. The Balans know the Bachchans very well — Vidya also appeared in Guru and with both the male distaffs of the family in Pa. A source from Mani Ratnam’s crew on Raavan says, “Many top Bollywood actresses were approached for the role of Shoorpankha but they refused it because they didn’t want to play Abhishek Bachchan’s sister. Abhishek is a dishy actor, and not many actresses want to ruin their chances of being paired romantically opposite him by playing his sister in Raavan.”

Priyamani is no stranger to the screen. The South actress has won awards for her performances in the movies Paruthi Veeran and Thirakkatha. Ayesha Takia’s sister, Natasha. however, will be making her full debut. “My sister Natasha who is 21 will be in films next year,” Ayesha confirms, “Hopefully, she’ll be welcomed in the industry like other star sisters. There’re so many beautiful girls in this country. Maybe they’ll watch Natasha at least the first time because she’s my sister. But there’s the downside. They’ll start comparing us. Audiences are so unforgiving. They give you one chance, and then they let go.”

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty is hoping to relaunch the career of her younger sister Shamita, who was the only good thing about the movie Cash — but this time not in front of the camera. The two sisters are working together on the production of an action movie that will have a female protagonist in the Tomb Raider style. Shilpa is handling the business side and Shamita is looking after the creative side.

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