Slumdog Millionaire Wins – Industry reacts

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Slumdog Millionaire has practically had a clean sweep at the Oscar Awards while making Oscar and Indian history. Naturally, India, Indians and the film fraternity are ecstatic over the win but more so for maestro A.R. Rahman. Hot off the press, here are reactions from Anil Kapoor and some member from the industry.

Anil Kapoor: We have no words to express our feeling! Very few movies have performed so well! None of us really imagined it would ever happen to Slumdog. Films like ‘Gone with the Wind’ have gotten so many awards. Everyone is surprised at the talent India has. I really thought it was an Indian function. It had to be a very happy ending! Everyone is so thrilled…the whole world has loved it. We must think globally now.

Sajid Khan: I wish Gulzar sahib was also at the awards. I am very happy for Danny Boyle.

Preity Zinta: It is a fantastic day for everyone. It is awesome and had to happen. Rahman is a very humble and sweet man. He was knocking on the door for so long. He had done excellent music for Lagaan too. Gulzar can write lyrics you cannot even think of.

Kamal Hassan: Rahman does not let you know he is so good. You can’t but look at India now. Hollywood-Bollywood tie up is the way forward.

Farhan Akhtar: This is definitely a spotlight on India now. You can’t help but call it an Indian film. Film has connected with lots of people. It has been shot and directed really well.

Usha Uthap: I am proud of him. He is a good friend.

Prabhu Deva: I had goose bumps. Everyone in Tamilnadu is so happy!

Sonam Kapoor: Dad was looking very handsome!

Asha Bhosle: Rahman is very close to me.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: Slumdog team has done India proud.

Politician P. Chidambaram: No taxation for his win.

With lost of emotion and pride in their hearts, a few Indian’s have shared their thoughts and feelings. All we have to say is Jai Ho Rahman, Jai Ho!

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