Soha Ali Khan in Deep Water

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Soha Ali Khan has bad memories of filming the flood scenes in Tum Mile with Emraan Hashmi. “I was told that the water was cleaned every day but I never saw anyone clean it,“ she says, “In fact, I got the feeling that it kept getting muckier. Kunal Deshmukh, the director, had given strict instructions to everyone not to spit or pee in the water, but I think Emraan did one of the two!”

Both Kunal and Emraan might be forgiven for wanting to steer clear of Soha. The movie required Soha and Emraan to drive off together in one scene with Soha behind the wheel, but in real life, Soha can’t drive. She promptly veered off towards a clifftop with both Emraan and Kunal looking aghast!

Soha has also been talking about Life Goes On, the movie she has made with her mother, film legend Sharmila Tagore, which was recently presented at the Mumbai International Film Festival. “I was very nervous,” she says, “It was scary because she is such a formidable actress and she is my mother. She knows every expression on my face and could sense every insincerity in my expression. I think it is a little scary to work with someone who knows you so well!”

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