Soha and Shiney on Khoya Khoya Chand

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Khoya Khoya Chand , a new film by Sudhir Mishra has the tagline two young people adrift in the wild world of the movies in the 50s. Set amidst the Hindi film industry of that period, the two young people are portrayed by Soha Ali Khan and Shiney Ahuja. Soha plays Nikhat who is a rising star and Shiney is Zafar a writer-director.

About the film Soha says, “I play Nikhat in Khoya Khoya Chand, a romance set between 1953-1965. It is a complete author-backed role and for a female actor in 2007, that’s quite something. It is the story of an actress minus greasepaints her personal life, love, trauma, and industry scandals.

I get to do it all and much more, like horse riding, sword-fighting, apart from the usual song and dance. This is a very unusual Sudhir Mishra film because it’s romantic and positive.”

Adding, “The film is not only about recreating 1950s Bollywood, it has many layers to it. The film deals with how a woman chooses films as a career at a time when people thought no ‘good woman’ would take up acting. It shows how she copes with emotional and sexual exploitation to support her family. It is also about the bold choices she makes to rise in her career.”

With this film it is the first time Soha is the lead character, “You can say it’s my introduction. I have always been part of an ensemble cast but its me alone. In RDB I made small appearances after brief intervals. Whereas in Sudhir’s film Nikhat doesn’t go missing. She is all over.”

About working with director Mishra Soha said, “Sudhir Mishra is brilliant! I’ve seen his earlier works also. His women characters have essence, intensity and substance. He inspires out-of-the-box thinking.”

Sudhir Mishra is the main reason Shiney Ahuja decided to do the film, “I had committed to Sudhir even before I read the script. Sudhir told me that he has one good film in mind and wanted me to be part of it. I didn’t ask about the story and agreed to do the film. He made fun of me that I didn’t even ask him about the script. I came to know about the story line a week before we started the film. I loved the story and the more important thing while doing a film with Sudhir is that you become a part of a film which you know is not only a good story but also reflects an era. Most of his films are timeless in that sense.”

In the film Shiney’s character Zafar comes to Bombay to make films and though some say he is based on Guru Dutt, Shiney said, “There are similarities between Guru Dutt and my character because he was a filmmaker of the 50’s. He used to make his own films and my character Zafar is also like that, but that’s all.”

About working with his co-star Shiney said,”Soha is a wonderful person. Many feel that we share great onscreen chemistry. I share a good comfort level with her. She is very natural and it’s really a pleasure working with her.”

Shiney feels that even though the film is set in the 1950s it will be an enjoyable movie for young and old. He plans to see the film with his grandparents and said, “I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful experience.”

We cannot wait to see the performances of these two fine actors in this intriguing film and look forward to experiencing Bollywood of the 1950s when Khoya Khoya Chand opens on December 7th.

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