Sonam Kapoor is Happy

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Sonam Kapoor, debut star of the recently released film Saawariya is a happy girl and is not bothered by the reviews of the film. Sonam says she has gotten wonderful feedback from many people about her performance and she is “very happy”. “It was not an author-backed role. It had shades of grey, but people have really liked it. This encourages me.”

Adding, “Saawariya is very close to me. I am yet to get out of it. I am taking a break for some time now, but after a few days it will be back to the grind.”

She said her father has not let her read many of the reviews because, “In his 25 years in the industry, dad hasn’t read a single review because it spoils one’s innocence as an actor.”

“I think just a few people are writing all this, which is really unfair and unjust. The film has got rave reviews abroad. And I have been appreciated, so I am really happy. If some one else wants to say anything, I am not going to pay so much attention to it,” she added.

Since the release Sonam says, “I have spent all my time sleeping, celebrating the release of Saawariya and dancing. I have been dancing a lot these days.”

We look forward to seeing this fine actress in her next role and in all the performances in the years to come.

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