Sonam Kapoor Thrilled to be New Bollywood

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22-year-old Sonam Kapoor is thrilled that her new movie Aisha, based on Jane Austen’s Emma has such a young cast. “I thought I was one of the youngest girls in Bollywood,” says Sonam. “But when I started work on Aisha I realized almost everyone on the set is my age or even younger than I am,” she explains. The cast also includes Abhay Deol.

After Aisha, Sonam moves on to a romantic comedy, I Hate Luv Stories with Imran Khan. “Both films are very different from each other,” Sonam confirms. I Hate Luv Stories is said to be a new type of love story which will surprise the audience with some unexpected twists and turns.

Meanwhile, Sonam is making an impact in the product endorsement sphere, advertising – amongst other things – solitaire diamonds, Mont Blanc pens and L’Oreal cosmetics. “Sonam’s pedigree is a huge advantage for her,” says an industry source, “Another fact working for Sonam is that impressive fresh faces are in short supply right now and Sonam is constantly making news. Advertisers always look for newsworthy celebrities.”

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