Sonam Living Life in the Slow Lane

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Sonam Kapoor is not at all concerned that her second movie Dilli 6 will not be appearing until early next year – over a year since her debut in Saawariya. “I have just started my career and I think it’s absolutely all right if I am doing my second film in a years’ time. So what if my contemporaries have done a film before me?” she asks.

Sonam, who is a graduate in Economics, refuses now to talk about Ranbir Kapoor, having moved on from their relationship. “He already has a girlfriend and I wouldn’t want to interfere between the two,” she says. “Ranbir has always been a very good friend of mine and we have never stopped talking.”

Sonam, who is dressed only in a salwar kameez for Dilli 6, recently turned down an offer from a big production house because the role involve nudity and a lovemaking scene on screen. “I don’t want to do anything that embarrasses my parents,” she explained. “My dad (Anil Kapoor) has a reputation in the industry and I don’t want to spoil it.” However, she insists that she is no prude and is happy in glamour roles – she just doesn’t equate nudity with glamour.

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