Sonam-Shahid: No Chumma!

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In case you’re wondering where Sonam Kapoor is, the actress is busy shooting with Shahid Kapoor for Mausam in Scotland. And when she was asked to kiss Shahid for a scene, she flatly refused.
Apparently, the kiss never existed and was added when Shahid insisted on a kiss scene between the actors. Naturally, the director Pankaj Kapoor, found himself in a quite a dilemmia and immediately phoned Anil Kapoor in hopes that papa would be able to sway his daughter in obliging to the kiss. However, Sonam refused to budge.

According to sources, it was not Pankaj’s idea but actually Shahid’s input to the script. “It was at Shahid’s behest that a kissing scene was created. He put forth the idea to his father who complied with his request. Shahid feels that like Aamir Khan he, too, should kiss all his heroines. He felt it would add more passion to the scene,” claimed a source. And while Sonam maintains that there is and was never a kissing scene, thus deeming the news as “fabricated”, sources from the set claim otherwise. “When Sonam realised that it was her hero’s demand, she became even more adamant about not doing the kiss and was in no mood to listen to anyone on the subject,” they said.

Most interesting is that Sonam will be kissing Abhay Deol in the upcoming Aisha while Shahid has kissed Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma in various films.

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