Southampton Actress Debuts in Luck

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Southampton-born Snita Mahey makes her big screen debut in Luck — the new Bollywood movie that sees Imran Khan return to his best and a stunning debut from Shruti Hassan. Snita started her modelling career in the UK whilst at university but then decided to try her hand in India. “The Indian entertainment industry is still in the growth phase and has not reached its peak, thereby offering limitless opportunities,” she says.

How important does she feel her role is in the movie? “This role is important to me, for it will be the first time audiences will see me on the big screen,” she explains, “It doesn’t matter how big or small your role is, you just need to stand out! I believe that to be an actor you need to believe in yourself enough. Self confidence, courage and conviction, the ability to dream big and yet keep your feet on the ground are what makes a real star.”

Bollywood is far from being a new experience for Snita. “I love watching Hindi films,” she says, “My family and I would watch every Hindi film that would hit the big screen in Southampton. I remember when I would dance to Hindi tracks in front of the mirror and even repeat dialogues from films. So I am a complete Bollywood buff!”

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