Special Chabbis and ABCD A Hit!

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It has been confirmed that both Special Chabbis and ABCD – Any Body Can Dance have done well at the Indian box office. Special Chabbis managed to fetch RS. 26.5 to 27 Crores at the box office, whereas ABCD has collected RS. 19.5 Crores. Both films have won the hearts of the critics, but in terms of box office figures, it is not at a staggering level.

Film distributior Akshaye Rathi had this to say to a leading Indian newspaper regarding the success of ABCD, which stars Prabhu Deva as the leading protagonist. “With ABCD, Remo has proven yet again (after F.A.L.T.U, 2011) that a concept based film with great mass appeal can make people flock to cinema halls. Despite having no star value, the film has taken a solid opening and sustained well on Monday too. The cheers, claps and whistles witnessed in cinema halls are something you usually only see for the best of scenes featuring the biggest of stars.”

Special Chabbis stars Akshay Kumar, Majoj Bajpai and Anupam Kher and is based on real-life events during the 1980s. With regards to this film, Rathi stated that “It presents Akshay in a way that we haven’t seen him in since a very long time.” Despite winning acclaim for his performance, it is not one of Akshay Kumar’s most successful films. However, trade analysts predict that both Special Chabbis and ABCD will continue to do well in the next week!

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