Spotted: Mallika & Hrithik! What Next?

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Mallika Sherawat and Hrithik Roshan were recently seen together in Beverly Hills leaving a hotel together and getting in a taxi. Of course, it could have been just two old friends going out to dinner together. After all, they have a common base and they have been thrown together in a foreign land – Mallika is about to start work on her biopic of Kamla Devi Harris; and Hrithik has plans to build a base in Hollywood as an action hero – so it’s possibly no coincidence that Hrithik’s producer father Rakesh was also with them – unless of course he was there to chaperone his son? Mallika in the past has expressed an interest in working with Hrithik and Hrithik could see Mallika as a route into Hollywood – so watch this space!

Mallika, meanwhile, must be feeling frustrated at the way that Hissss has entered post-production hell with its release date now put back until the Christmas period. She’s also worried that it may fall foul of the Indian censors. “I am told the Snake Charmers’ Association is protesting against Hissss, saying that the film could hurt their image and their chances to reverse the government ban,” she says. According to the Snake Charmers Federation of India, there are 800,000 snake charmers in India even though a ban has been in operation since 1991.

After her sojourn in India, Mallika made a big impact on her return to LA with a visit to support the charity CARE, which supports the poor and vulnerable in some of the world’s poorest countries. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof and Marisa Tomei were also in support. “Nicholas Kristof is a world treasure,” Mallika explains, “The work he’s done around the globe in support of women’s rights and those-in-need is an incredible inspiration to me.”

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