Sridevi in Mr. India 2!!

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Sridevi fans can now give a loud cheer because the gorgeous star is coming back to the silver screen. She is going to reprise her role of Seema in Mr. India 2, which will be the sequel to the original hit Mr. India from 1987. Anil Kapoor will also once again star as Arun in the film.

A source told the Mumbai Mirror, “Sridevi will be back with the film and the script is being finalised. The film will be a sequel and not a remake of Mr. India. Anil Kapoor is very excited about the film while Boney is leaving no stone unturned to make the film bigger and better than the first part.” The source added that Boney Kapoor plans to make it not only better than the first but also that it will have top of the line special effects. In fact he is in talks with a big FX company to work on the film.

Boney confirmed this news saying, “We are making Mr. India 2 and things have been moving forward gradually. But I would like to announce the film only after everything is finalised.”

Apparently it was because of this project that Sridevi has refused to any of the films that she has been offered recently, “This film is the key reason why Sridevi turned down so many film offers recently. She was waiting for Mr. India’s sequel to make her comeback. Mr. India was a superhit film. People still remember all the characters of the film and the very prospect of a sequel is gathering a lot of interest. Sridevi has lost oodles of weight and is looking fabulous these days. She is very excited about her comeback.”

We are too and will be sure to report all the news about Mr. India 2 so watch this space for more!

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