Sriram confirms that John-Ash film is still on!

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After it was announced, there was a considereable amount of excitement surrounding Sriram Raghavan’s next film as it stars Aishwarya Rai and John Abraham in lead roles. Most were interested in the prospect of a new pair hitting the screens, but suddenly news died down; Ash signed Robot, Dhun and Mani Ratnam’s next and John got busy with Dostana. What happened to Raghavan’s film?

Well, it was all set to roll this year until the director himself decided not to start filming. Reason? He wasn’t fully satisfied with the script. And so he went back to the scripting table and has finally emerged with the final copy. He tells Express India, “This film will be realistic, despite having stars, and the project is still on. Though I had blocked the actors’ dates, I did not start shooting, since I was not happy with certain parts of the script. Now I’m finally ready and hope to get their dates once again.”

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