SRK talks Crossover films and the need for Hollywood discipline

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The Baadshah of Bollywood is known to be rather quiet and prefers not to comment when it comes to serious matters, however a recent statement by the actor has finally put an end to his silence. Shah Rukh Khan’s recent comments proved that when he does speak its truly words of wisdom from a man who loves what he does, where he belongs and a man who knows what he’s talking about.

At the India Today Conclave Shah Rukh Khan addressed the topic of “crossover” films quiet seriously. The actor didn’t hide his sentiments regarding the obsession of Indian filmmakers with this brand of movies that in actuality may just be a cinematic fiction in the 21st century. “We should instead take Bollywood to the world. Mumbai to Melrose, the road is shrinking. Warner Brothers and Sony are making movies here while UTV is doing the same in Hollywood. If you want to do crossover films, then you are barking up the wrong tree because the Indian audience loves the musical dramas.” He added, “There is nothing known as crossover film. If there would have been one, our smarter cousins Hollywood would have made crossover films in America and taken over Indian film industry.”

Khan also went onto to speak about what traits of Hollywood we can aspire for and not loose our very own style of cinema, “We need scientific screenplay writing and the organisation and discipline we see in Hollywood and the science of marketing firms.”

It is rare that we get to see this more serious avatar of SRK. While Aamir Khan is known to be one to be quite vocal about his opinions Shah Rukh usually keeps his persona quite light and funny in front of the media. The Conclave showed off a new side of Shah Rukh however the quirky one came out at one point of the even when he dared to flash his now 4 abs to the audience. Ah! Shah Rukh!

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