Stanley ka Dabba emerges a hit at the Box office

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What started as weekend workshops for school kids has turned out to be a big box office winner, Amole Gupte’s Stanley ka Dabba has not only been winning hearts across the country but has also reaped rich box office results for Fox Star Studios.

The overall numbers are extremely strong and film is gaining huge positive word of mouth, a rarity in this day and age of action and comedy films. The film released on 13th May has already done business of 3.8 CR net and the last weekend it managed to achieve a more than respectable number of 1.18 Crores which is 80% of the first weekend. There is a huge demand from audiences and with shows running houseful , the key multiplex chains like PVR increased the number of shows second weekend onwards to fulfill the demand. The 2nd weekend NET Box Office break up is as follows:

Fri – 22.5 Lakhs
Sat – 40.5 Lakhs
Sun – 55 Lakhs

A big part of its success can be attributed to the way family audiences are lapping the film up. An eminent journalist wrote, “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked by an anxious parent: can I take my child to a particular movie? The question popped up again a few days back. The film in question was Stanley Ka Dabba, which packed a delightful punch in its myriad boxes, made up of little boys, quirky teachers, and bursting tiffins. It told a story, and it was done with feeling. One of the best things about the film, I told the mother of two little boys, is that it doesn’t patronize its potential audience. It treats them with respect.’

Amole Gupte told us it is the spirit of the film is what he thinks audiences will love. “The audiences could possibly love the spirit of the boy and the spirit of his friends, the bonding that they share. Stanley and his friends Abhishek and Aman; there are about seven friends who stand up for him. That kind of bonding – they are going to celebrate the human spirit that is so kindled in children.” Seems he was right!

The film has found its long list of crusaders, from film makers and film stars praising the film, journalists reviewing the film positively, to school principals encouraging their students to go watch the film & politicos crusading for the film be declared ‘tax free’ – this ‘little film with a big heart’ has indeed touched the hearts of millions of Indians.

In order to build momentum and spread awareness about children’s issues amongst the audiences, Fox Star Studios and AGCPL are doing what they are preaching. They have created an activity called the ‘Tree of Hope’ on which gives an opportunity to people to help make a difference. Once you have pledged your support the TREEE OF HOPE sprouts a leaf. Till date the response to this activity has been outstanding as thousands of people have shown their interest in the supporting the cause.

If all these indicators are anything to go by – Stanley Ka Dabba’s journey has only just begun.

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