Sudhir Mishra’s Driver Shelved!

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Sudhir Mishra’s Driver has been in the news for various reasons. In the beginning it was for the star cast but soon it became a matter of ownership when Aditya Kripalani, author to the Back Seat, claimed that the script was in fact his and not Althiya Dalmaj Kaushal, whose is said to be the so-called writer to Driver. Mishra believed that he was innocent and repeatedly argued, “Fortunately my script evolved in front of my producer Ekta. So she knows where it’s coming from. If I wanted to remake Kripalani’s book I’d have asked Ekta to buy it, no? In fact she offered to buy Sagarika Ghosh’s book for me.”

However, in more recent news, Aditya Kripalani’s lawyers swiftly sent a notice to Balaji Motion Pictures stating that they should not proceed with the production of the film until the IPR issue was completely resolved legally. Realizing that it was not a bright idea to get involved in yet another legal brawl, as Balaji is still in the midst of solving a legal issue with Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Ekta Kapoor has decided to shelve Driver completely.

While the IPR issue is yet to be completely solved, it seems that in a lop-sided way, justice has been served to the Aditya Kripalani.

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