Sukhwinder Singh brings out Sai Bhajan

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Leading Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh releases his bhajan album SAI RAM with music label Filmy Box. Sukhwinder presented the bhajans with a live performance on two bhajans on stage at hare Rama hare Krishna auditorium. Other celebs who came to enjoy the performance were Sonu Kakkar, Sumitra Iyyer, Harish Moyal and Monty Sharma.

Sukhwinder Singh, Who is an ardent devotee of Sai Baba and visits Shirdi whenever the mood strikes him, has cut this album as a tribute to other devotees of sainath. Says he, “many times I have seen people travelling to Shirdi on foot. They cover great distances to get one glance of baba in Shirdi.  And to get the energy to walk, these groups play songs on baba. These bhajans are set on old successful disco hits. So I decided to cut a fresh peppy bhajan. Initially it was only one song but later I added one Trance bhajan and one more in the CD.” Sukhwinder who has sung and recorded almost all the prayers and aartees for his personal use, has agreed to launch two of his religious songs for public listening. Adds he, “Most of the Sai bhajans are very soft and are heard in the relative peace of home. They needed something that could inspire bhakti, peace and energy together to give them the strength. It is contradictory statement but that is what prompted me to sing Sai Bhajans. With blessings of Baba I am releasing my first song now.”

Wording of the lead song are “Chod ke sare jhoote kaam, le le le le Sai naam”.

So from being the king of pop and sufi songs now he will move towards Bhajans? “I am a musician and music in any form is my passion.  One genre does not mean end of another.” Titled Sai – Ram, this Single is released through FilmyBox Music label.

It’s a Single and initial release would be digital in association with Big Digital. After a week, the physical copy of the same will be out in the market.

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