Superwoman Kareena

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Just before you run off in excitement thinking that Kareena Kapooor is becoming our first ever female Superhero let us clear your doubts. No she is not doing any Desi adaptation of Superwoman or any such thing but rather adopting a Superwoman persona off-screen. Confused? Let us explain.

As always our dearest Bebo has barely time to breath given her hectic schedule but the Princess of Bollywood continues to surprise all by making even the impossible happen.

The actress was meant to shoot three ads at three separate locations, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Although the shoot would normally take 9-10 days the Superwoman managed it all in just 3 days. She had no choice to shoot them all together at one place, Mumbai, before rushing of to Latvia to shoot with Saif for Agent Vinod.

The two shampoo ads and one soap ad were shot by various international directors who simply sat there stunned at Bebo’s efficiency in the whole fiasco. Even sister Karishma and Mum Babita didn’t get a proper ‘Hi’ from Kareena because bystanders spotted them arriving at the sets in Mumbai to catch a quick glimpse of Kareena as she had no time to stop at home.

No wonder she’s maintaining her size 0 figure with no trouble, running around the world at the speed of lightening has got to be great for burning calories!

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