Tamil film ‘Sivaji-The Boss’ releases Friday to huge BO

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The Tamil film Sivaji – The Boss starring Rajnikanth is already a success with a huge opening day and is getting an incredible reception from fans all over Chennai and across Tamil Nadu. Reports are that the film released today, in over 1000 theaters in Chennai and is all ready sold out for the next 3 weeks. Also, in other cities it is also sold out for days to come.

Rajnikanth, the superstar of the Tamil film industry was, before entering the film industry, a bus conductor. His last release was Chandramukhi in 2005 and it created a new record in the south Indian film industry by running for over 800 days continuously in Tamil Nadu.

Rajni or Thalaivar as his fans call him, is making his triumphant return to the silver screen with Sivaji. The film is said to be the most expensive Indian film ever made – Rs 80 crore, which took 19 months to complete. The film was directed by Shankar and features music was given by A R Rahman. The film also stars Shreya as the leading lady, and Suman as the powerful villain.

Sivaji is a movie in which good finally triumphs over evil with the main story about Rajnikanth’s character’s fight against black money in society. According to IBN, “Rajnikanth does [it] in his own trademark style with a combination of punchy dialogue, comedy, romance, songs and colourful costumes.”

The film even before opening had created an unbelievable response. At the theaters where Sivaji was being screened, fans were setting off crackers and breaking coconuts over the huge banners and cutouts to ward off evil. Sweets were also handed out.

“Today is a real festival for us as our Thalaivar’s (leader) new film has hit the screen after a gap of two years,” said Murugan, a member of Rajni’s fan club in south Chennai.

The film enthralled fans, some who had been waiting since dawn to see their favorite stars new movie. “It is a superb film with all the ingredients expected of a Rajini-starrer. The special effects are stunning,” said Prakash Dharur who watched the film in a theater in Hyperbad.

“I have only two words to describe ‘Sivaji’- success, spectacular”, said Vishwanathan, a driver who spent nearly 30 percent of his monthly salary to watch the preview Thursday night.

Sivaji is the first film to be simultaneously released in cities in northern India like Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore and there it looks to be a hit too.

In Bangalore where the Telugu version was released, a 1,000 fans were standing outside to buy tickets 6 hours before the first showing.

Two multiplexes in Delhi and two in Gurgaon attracted large audiences for the subtitled version of Sivaji. “Being a regional film, we didn’t expect it to do so well. It is doing remarkably well and is house-full till Wednesday,” Head of Sales and Marketing, PVR Cinemas, Shalu Sabharwal told PTI.

Sivaji is also hitting US shores, releasing in 24 theatres across the United States this week, adding 19 more in the next couple of weeks. Tickets for the opening weekend were sold out in New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area a week before the release. And in the theaters with the film scheduled to release in the coming weeks many of those shows were all ready sold out as well.

It seems everyone, everywhere, wants to see this incredible film.

Even Amitabh Bachchan has seen it and said that it is, “perhaps the most excellent example of what India is all about, what human beings are all about and what life is all about”.

When asked about Sivaji, Rajnikanth said everything in the movie is special.

According to reports, “Rajni, the hero who sports perhaps a record number of hairdos in the much-hyped film, would seem to have met every expectation from every section of his wide ranging audience.”

Congratulations to Rajnikanth! We are looking forward to seeing this amazing film that is taking India and soon the world by storm.

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