Tania Zaetta is an Innocent Woman

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In a Defense Department briefing note that was leaked to the media, it was claimed last month that Australian Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta had slept with special forces soldiers at a military base in Uruzgan during a goodwill visit to Afghanistan.

Tania has always strenuously denied these allegations and now Australia’s military chief has admitted these allegations were unfounded and has pledged to apologise to the star. “There was no substance to the allegations,” Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston stated. “I will obviously apologize and express my deepest regret about any hurt she has suffered.”

When other members of the touring party to Afghanistan were asked whether they thought the allegations were possible, they argued the idea was laughable because they were so managed and tired during the trip, the whole idea seemed inconceivable. “I’ve heard of quickies mate, but you’d have to be really quick,” said John Clinton of country rock band, The Wolverines. “We didn’t have time to do anything.”

Tania, who is of mixed Italian and Australian parentage, has always argued that the allegations, found in a document that had been prepared for Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, were nothing but lies. “Apart from being hurtful, it’s damaging to a woman’s career, to her reputation.” She continued, “I wish someone had come and asked me before there had been any documentation.”

The source of the leak is being investigated internally in the Australian Defense Ministry. The option remains open to Tania to seek damages against the Daily Telegraph which broke the story but it’s unclear at this stage whether this will be pursued. Tania remains hurt by the allegations, “Mud sticks,” she says and she is worried that offers will begin to dry up – she has received no offers at all since the scandal broke.

Tania recently appeared in the adventure movie, Mr White, Mr Black with Sunil Shetty and was also in Salaam Namaste.

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