Tanissha and Uday: Love Rekindled?

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Over the weekend, ex lovers Uday Chopra and Tannisha Mukherjee were spotted having lunch together. For all those who don’t remember, the two were said to be dating post their film Neal n Nikki, which of course flopped at the box office. Word had it that the duo were even headed towards marriage but for unknown reasons, they split up. Up until last year, they weren’t even talking to each other. An onlooker claimed, “I spotted ex-lovers Uday Chopra and Tanishaa Mukherji bonding over brunch at an Andheri lounge bar on Wednesday. They looked quite cosy together.”

As for their respective careers, well Tannisha’s has pretty much fallen apart with just one Bengali film in her kitty, Mukti. And after Pyaar Impossible, the Chopra’s have pretty much told Uday to reconsider his career as an actor. Most likely, he will be seen in Dhoom 3 when it does come out. But for now, the actor is working on productions at Yash Raj Films.

Is it love or have the ex beaus just become friends yet again. Time will tell and you can be sure BollySpice will bring it to you hot off the press.

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