Tanushree Dutta gets versatile

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Tanushree Dutta has put her recent troubles with producers behind her and has a hat trick of new movies lining up for release. The first of these is a raucous comedy but with a hard-edged look at modern India – Saas Bahu Aur Sensex – which is about how a group of housewives decide to take on the booming Indian stock market and the contrasts in life in Mumbai. It’s already attracting positive reviews from the film press and will achieve a worldwide release on 12th September. Tanushree’s performance as the central character Nitya Sen has been particularly well received.

The second is Rama the Saviour, for which Tanushree suffered for her art. “In Rama The Saviour, you’ll see me in a never before action persona,” she says, “I had to do a lot of kickboxing and learn taekwando. I hung around with cable wires, got scratched and even managed to break some bones.” The film also stars WWE wrestling champion, Khali, and starring in the movie helped her to overcome her hydrophobia. “To an extent I overcame my fear of water,” she explains, “In an action sequence, I had to float on the surface of the water body and I didn’t know how to swim!”

The third movie is Run Bhola Run where she stars opposite the currently hot Govinda. “In Run Bhola Run, I’m really excited about working with Govinda,” she enthuses, “He is the master of comedy, and working with him will be a real pleasure.”

A former Miss India, Tanushree is working hard to develop her acting skills through developing a different screen persona in each movie she’s in. “The roles I am playing in Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex and Rama – The Saviour are poles apart,” she says, “ I have also tried to look different by paying detailed attention to my appearance in the two movies.”

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