Tees Maar Khan Games Launch

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Today’s filmmakers leave no stone unturned to keep their upcoming ventures in public news all the time. Earlier it was the age of controversies and ‘inside’ news. Today’s Bollywood seems to have moved on to more sophisticated means with movie specific franchise being the latest norm.

Farah Khan, unperturbed by all the controversies and ‘friends-turned-foe’ trying to create hurdles, is exploring all the avenues to publicize her upcoming Tees Maar Khan. So after the Beach Party held recently, the production decided to venture into the gaming zone as well, with the Tees Maar Khan game being launched on not only mobile and web but the DTH as well! At the launch party held at Novotel Hotel, Mumbai yesterday (13th December), lead pair Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif – along with the director Farah and UTV Indiagames COO, Samir Bangara – inaugurated the game on all the three platforms. While the stars arrived fashionably late, they more than made up by their witty comments and answers to the huge press gathered there. Not only that, Akshay sportingly invited people from the audience to play the game themselves, though we must say that for a self-claimed gaming fan, he lost pretty badly to the gorgeous Katrina.

As far as the game is concerned, the players have to don the role of Tees Maar Khan himself and rob a series of banks, museums and a train filled with tons of gold, tactfully avoiding the patrolling guards and various high-tech security devices! It comes as no surprise that the levels are inspired from the scenes of the movie, Stage one – The Bank Robbery marks the start of TMK’s career in the world of crime! He has to cross three levels robbing banks by breaking through the security, cracking the lock and escaping with the loot before the alarm is activated! Stage two – The Museum Heist, TMK has to steal precious artifacts from some famous museums and pass through three such levels to finally come to the final stage – The Great Train Robbery! In this set, TMK is assigned with the greatest and most audacious haul of all times i.e.to rob a moving train! Here the gamer has to jump from one bogey to another, reach the special compartments to infiltrate the heavily guarded interior and steal the precious cargo through three levels!

We hope that the gaming enthusiasts out there will give this one a try. Well going by what Farah announced yesterday, she at least will be improving her gaming skills through this one!

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