The Bad Boys of Bollywood

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Note: This article has been edited after its publication date to avoid any opportunity of false reporting. The edited version has been re-published.

Bad boys, Bad boys, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you?

Some of the most popular actors in Bollywood play doctors, industrialists and even rock stars in reel life but reality is far from that. In real life, they are far from the dishum-dishum, heroine saving, law abiding citizens that they portray in their films. A few of the biggest Bollywood actors have had their tiffs with the law and managed to create sensational reports to keep them in the news. To the film fraternity, the following actors are anything but bad and in fact some of the best guys in the industry. So what made them falter and fall?

If an award for the king of bad boys had to be given, Sanjay Dutt would win hands down. His spat with the law began as early as his debut days before his mother, the beautiful Nargis Dutt, died of cancer. After his first movie was released and declared a hit, Dutt took to drugs as way to drown his sorrows. Later he was admitted into a drug rehab and finally kicked the habit to the curb. During the peak of his career, where he had mega-hits like Khalnayak to his name, Dutt was dragged into the Mumbai blasts disaster where he was said to have taken part in the exchanging of arms. While the case has not been shut, it has put Dutt behind bars many a time now causing mayhem and chaos amongst his fans. As much as our Munnabhai tries to bury his past, it still seems to come back and haunt him. However, his fans pray for his safety and support him completely.

Next on our list is Salman Khan who too has been on the wrong side of the law. His list of crimes have not only given the gossip-mongers much to talk about but our own Sallu bhai pokes fun at himself at interviews and recently on his hit TV show ‘Dus Ka Dum’. He first saw sight of the police when he was arrested for rash driving which killed a roadside sleeper and injured three others. He was left scotch free after he was found not guilty. Next, he was held for hunting an endangered species while he was shooting in Rajasthan for Hum Saath Saath Hain. For this “act”, Salman had to see six days in a local jail before he was released. This superstar has no regrets or remorse of course – if only he could have used the “take shirt off” trick to get out of jail.

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