The Flu Bug in Bollywood

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Bollywood actresses are not ones to be unprofessional. Once they sign a film, they give their heart and soul to the project— rain or shine. And so when flu season comes around and attacks the ladies, they are more than obliged to work work and work more until the flu is kicked to the curb. Dedication has clearly become the norm in Bollywood.

The first to be bitten by the illness bug is none other than Katrina Kaif. While shooting for her upcoming film De Dhana Dhan, she felt extremely ill but refused to budge from the sets in Singapore. Realizing the importance of her producers “time and money,” she requested the doctor to keep her downtime to two days so she could shoot for the film. And even when she was ill, she did manage to shoot her scenes and then quickly head to her vanity van under the warmth of her blankets.

Deepika Padukone is next on the ill list. While shooting with Farhan Akhtar for Kartik Calling Kartik, she came down with a bad attack of the flu but refused to budge from the sets of the film. While she hasn’t missed a days worth of shoot for her film, she did have to miss Shah Rukh Khan’s party instead and catch up on some much needed sleep.

And lastly, Kareena Kapoor too was not far behind. While the actress has not been sick as such, she has been working nonstop around the clock with little to no sleep for her upcoming movies, Kambakkt Ishq, Agent Vinod, Mr and Mrs Khanna, 3 Idiots and Jihaad.

Devotion, commitment and perseverance are what Bollywood actresses are all about these days. Kudos to you ladies!

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