The Grand Return – Rajnikanth’s ‘Sivaji’

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Rajnikanth, whose name all of us recognize, regardless of whether or not we don’t understand the language of his movies, has come back home to the movies. After a gap of two years, of which 19 months were spent making his latest release, he’s finally returned. And what a homecoming it is!

Titled Sivaji – The Boss, his movie is all set to break records. An AVM production movie, it is said to have the highest budget of an Indian movie – ever. Other than the superstar himself, the movie has in its credentials noted director Shankar, and ever-inspiring composer A.R. Rahman. The movie has also been said to have a good dose of all the ingredients that compose a worthy movie – punchy dialogues, comedy, romance, songs, sentiments and finally good triumphing over evil. So what’s not to like?

Well, the audience certainly seems to agree because they’ve been thronging to the theatres. Masses have life-like cardboard imitations of Rajnikanth, and have been performing ablution by milk as well as other ceremonies to ward off evil.

Doubtless, Rajnikanth doesn’t need all of this – he, and his movie, are sure to succeed on their own merit!

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