The Narrative Function of Song and Dance: Jab We Met

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5. “Aaoge Jab Tum”

Geet’s distraught family contacts Aditya, believing Geet is with him — they assumed the two of them were eloping together. Aditya assumes that she is with Anshuman, but her original plan was to get married and then go confront her family with the fait accompli. Aditya promises them he will bring Geet to them, and he sets out to find her. “Aaoge Jab Tum” is the song that reveals to us what actually happened when Geet and Aditya parted ways in Manali:

“Aaoge Jab Tum” is probably the most poignant and heartbreaking moment in the film. It neatly sums up Anshuman’s rejection of Geet, her sadness, her attempts to change his mind, and we see her gradually become colourless, lacking confidence, listless, and so very, very, very sad.

The song is actually rather bittersweet. The words “When you come, beloved, the courtyard will be in bloom” are contrasted with lines like “My life is in your hands.” It’s as if the song is reflecting Geet’s hope that Anshuman will finally come around, and her realization that things are not working out as she’d hoped. Geet is living in a world where she is stuck because she can’t go back, and she now has no future, no way to get herself out of this situation she finds herself in. It’s as if, in this song, Geet still hopes that her dreams will come true, yet somehow at the same time, she knows her hope is in vain.

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