The Narrative Function of Song and Dance: Jab We Met

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6. “Mauja Hi Mauja”

Aditya takes Geet home, bringing Anshuman, who has finally come to his senses regarding Geet, along with them. The aim, of course, is to have Geet and Anshuman get married. But Geet saves a few surprises right ’til the very end, and the film ends with “Mauja Hi Mauja”:

Okay — this is where I admit that club dance setting picturisations are not my favorites, but they’re very common for closing credit sequences. Let me tell you why I like this one better than most:

First — they make an attempt to tie the song back to the film. The song opens with the preparations for a celebration, and partway through, there’s a delicious moment where we revisit Geet’s grandfather and his prophetic words: “At my age, one glance is enough to realize what is going between a boy and a girl”.

Second — hello? It’s Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor dancing, and they look wonderful!

Third — “Mauja Hi Mauja” is a terrific song, and it sums up Geet and Aditya’s relationship perfectly. “The whole world is glittering now that love is in the air.” “My love is like lemonade” — in fact, when I was trying to think of how to describe Geet, I actually contemplated saying she was like my favorite salty lime soda, all sweet and tart and savoury and bubbly at the same time, so finding this reference in the lyrics here just tickled me to bits. “Let’s celebrate,” says the song, but also, “let’s keep talking every moment.” No more fitting way for this relationship, begun through talking, nurtured through talking, to continue. The film is over, and Jab We Met’s final song just ties a bow on it and wraps it up neatly.

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