The Narrative Function of Song and Dance: Jab We Met

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3. “Yeh Ishq Hai”

Geet decides the only option for getting out of the marriage to Manjeet is to run away and elope with Anshuman. She goes to Aditya to tell him she’s leaving, and he decides to leave with her rather than having to face her family when they find her missing.

Aditya accompanies Geet to Manali, where she plans to marry Anshuman, and in this song, she sings about love:

Truly, though, Geet is doing more than just singing about being in love. Watch Kareena Kapoor in this picturisation — her Geet is blissful and joyous. Love makes her glow, it makes her dance….if you’ve forgotten what that’s like, what it’s like to feel so much in love that you almost burst from happiness, then watch Geet and remember.

But also watch Aditya in this — Geet is clearly not singing this to Aditya, she is clearly expressing how she feels about being in love with Anshuman and wanting to marry him, so she rarely looks at Aditya, even when she’s right next to him in the frame. Aditya alternates between looking lost in thought, and watching Geet from a distance. This is the moment when we see he may actually have fallen in love with Geet, and the regret that appears on his face hints that he knows he will be leaving her behind. Note, too, Geet’s wardrobe in this song. It will appear again.

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