The origins of Dhan Te Nan

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Everyone’s heard the amazing song of the film Kaminey, but do you know how long the song has actually been around? It may be of a surprise to the masses, but ‘Dhan Te Nan’ has actually been around for 10 years or so. Today we see Shahid Kapoor grooving to this very cool track in Kaminey, but he wasn’t the first person to do so. Vishal Bharadwaj, the Director and screenplay writer of Kaminey, had actually written this song originally for a Zee Tv Telefilm of the program “Gubbare”. ‘Dhan Te Nan’ was originally picturized on Sharman Joshi, during his early days of acting in front of the camera. Today’s version of ‘Dhan Te Nan’ is definitely more stylized, dazzling, and peppy than the original. The music has been totally digitally remastered from the original track, having some slight changes to fit with the style of today. The original Zee Tv version went unnoticed, but we know for a fact that Kaminey’s version won’t be forgotten. ‘Dhan Te Nan’ has become a great song to kick up a party.The next time you listen to ‘Dhan Te Nan’, just remember that everything has a past. We certainly hope that ‘Dhan Te Nan’ breaks all the records, and that Kaminey contiunes to do brilliantly at the box office!

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