The People Who Inspire Aamir Khan

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The people who inspire Aamir Khan are real-life heroes. “When I see real heroes and listen to their stories, it really inspires me,” he says, “I think we have, in different degrees, strengths and abilities. When we use our abilities and strengths to better our lives, that’s normal but when you use your strength and abilities to help others, you become a real hero.” Aamir was speaking at a function celebrate such real-life heroes, including Irfana Ismail Mujawar who gave up the money she’s been saving for her wedding in order to start a school for underprivileged children.

Meanwhile, Aamir who turns 45 this month, has been explaining why it is he takes so long to make a movie. It begins with a meditative process, he says, that enables him to get inside his character and to become that person for the duration of the movie. It takes time to achieve that level of intimacy with the character. “Films are meant to be nurtured and handled delicately,” he continues, “You do not churn them out like a machine and wash your hands off once you’ve finished shooting for them.”

Aamir has been chosen as the brand ambassador for the Commonwealth Games that take place in India later this year. Often described as the Happy Games with an emphasis on sport rather than the commercialism of the Olympics, Aamir says, “The CWG is around the corner and we as Indians should do everything possible to make our guests, coming from all over the world, feel welcome and comfortable.”

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